Me circa 2021

Why a Coach?

It's a great question! It's pretty well known that Engineering management is a complex profession. And more and more it's becoming a longer term career position and not a quick step up the ladder. Having someone to help along the way can make a big difference in your eventual destination.

Coaches offer great conversations, without the politics

These high empathy conversations bring clarity and confidence to clients on a regular basis. As your coach gets to know you these conversations get even more powerful. They become an insightful mirror, reflecting the salient issues back to you at the right times. You can speak freely and not worry about politics or talking through weak spots. When it works well having a coach can feel like a bit of a cheat code for work.

Having a coach makes you stronger faster

Knowing that you've got someone with deep experioence in your corner (and not the company's corner!) gives you some security in taking on bigger and harder challenges. You've always got backup when you've got a coach. It might not feel normal, but in many other industries, if you're a professional, it's assumed you've got a coach.

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Build intentional experience

Success is never guaranteed. We all have ups and downs. The key is to enhance the value of our experience as we go. Having a coach who checks in with you to make sure you're still angling towards your goals and holding to your values ensures that high intention experience.

Looking at the chart below, how do you approach your work, and which version of success have you had? How many of these boxes have you moved through? A coach does the work to keep you on the "High Intention" side of the chart.

Low Skill
High Skill
High Intention
Emerging Dynamo
Established Champion
Low Intention
Fortunate Novice
Complacent Guru

You're not on your own

In the tech industry, we often recognize the "lone wolf", but success is rarely a solo act. Professional coaches are not just for executives - they're a sign that you're committed to your trajectory, and interested in unlocking success, your way. If you don't want to leave your progress to chance and invest in your success, a coach is the way forward.

Why a coach? Because your career deserves it. If you're up for it, set up a free intro call today.

I can't wait to hear your story.