Some kind words from wonderful people I've had the opportunity to work with.

David Chen, Director of Engineering
David Chen
Director of Engineering

I started working with Ethan as a first time EM leading a small group of engineers at a Silicon Valley startup. Ethan’s guidance and coaching helped me navigate various complexities in transitioning from an IC to a people leader, and thanks in no small part to his coaching, my scope expanded from leading 1 team to 3 teams in the time that we worked together.

I found his extensive experience managing diverse teams really shone through as he was able to offer concrete and tactical approaches across many situations, from navigating 1:1s, to building effective engineering teams, to driving positive performance conversations, and so much more. I came away with actionable insights after each session. His expertise is a valuable asset for any engineering manager seeking practical solutions and effective team leadership.

Rebecca Williams, Software Engineer
Rebecca Williams
Software Engineer

Working with Ethan has been a transformative experience for my professional development. Through our calls, I gained skills that have significantly contributed to my career growth. I learned effective communication strategies, enabling me to express my ideas and feedback with greater clarity and more confidence.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been coached by someone so knowledgeable and supportive, and I highly recommend Ethan to anyone looking to elevate their professional journey.

Sr. Software Engineer

Ethan's skilled and thoughtful approach to coaching helped us quickly build a productive relationship. His knowledge and experience in the field made our sessions very informative, and his style was very flexible and easygoing. Over a few months of working together, Ethan coached me through figuring out what I wanted to do next and the next steps to take in my career.

Leanne Zhang, Engineering Manager
Leanne Zhang
Engineering Manager

I started working with Ethan as a first-time EM, leading a group of full-stack engineers after transitioning from an IC role. Ethan is extremely resourceful and technical in helping me navigate complex challenges such as stakeholder management and performance evaluation. He is a dedicated career coach and always provides attentive listening. He goes above and beyond to invest in my EM career path, making me feel supported and confident as a first-time EM.

These folks are the best - I've learned so much from them. If you'd like to talk, please set up some time. It'll be a good conversation.