Free Tools

If you have questions about these, feel free to email me. These might be helpful as is, but they might not be. Always happy to chat about tools and processes - theres a lot of room for creativity.

Setting personally meaningful goals is hard. This step-by-step process comes from my time at Twitter and generates great discussions. Go slow and be thoughtful.
Tidy First? has a lot of interesting ideas scattered across it's 90-some pages. It's an ok read, but a much better source for team discussions.
Getting end of year review right is critical. This process and template will help ensure your devs are well represented and able to 'own their career'
I love Sri Seah's compact calendar. This is my version adjusted after using it at a couple of jobs to do planing with Eng and Product.
Philosophy of Software Design is a great book club book: it's short, has a clear set of ideas, and can apply to all kinds of codebases and patterns